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The Piercing Blue of Sirius
Selected Poems 1968 - 2008


Larry Kimmel

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Winfred Press is located in western Massachusetts.
It began in 1993 as writer and poet Larry Kimmel's
desktop publishing business and self-published poetry
chapbooks. Since then we have expanded to include
offerings by other local writers, still maintaining a
strong emphasis on poetry.

Currently Winfred Press is not reading submissions;
we have a substantial backlog and would like to give our
full attention to the current and upcoming lists before
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Larry Kimmel was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He holds            
degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and Pittsburgh University, 
and has worked at everything from steel mills to libraries. He 
has been a published poet for the past thirty-five years and 
has nine collections of poetry and one novel.


New Poems added to <blue pulse> October 2005            
Copyright © 2005 by Larry Kimmel                   

I Step Out On My Porch Near Midnight

flecked by moon made mica. 
Cold,windless air—even
the roar of the woods
is faint tonight;
And faint, too,
the creak
of my leather jacket—faint
As the rigging of a galleon
heard across the seas of time ....
While overhead
Orion faintly flickers.



Meadow Gospel



Where the grass is luxurious, she lies 
with an arm across her eyes, her skirt to mid-thigh. 
What the mind can't spit, you live with 
as a kind of shrapnel or you digest it. Food

for a healing growth. Enabled by the cooperation
of opposing wings, a butterfly lilts about her.



We did what we could
read their letters, figured their taxes
good neighbors they -
                  now just a cellar hole
and the lilacs in spring.
Crossing the Connecticut River

A day of rain
in February and
from the bridge
in Sunderland,
the river—
      broad and flat
      and grey
      like gunmetal,
      and in parts,
      the trim of trees
      along both banks,
      drab plum and
      pigment of iron—
      very lovely,
      very steel,
      like a lithograph
      in some
      old tome—tombed
      for posterity.

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Morning Song: Poems for New Parents
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blue pulse
a selection of short poems

Larry Kimmel


Copyright © 2002 by Larry Kimmel


alone tonight -
a moth taps
at the window

only grass
where the homestead stood
           even here
           I am far
           from home . . .

cruel words
the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses

looking down
on that distant page
of meadow -            
a railroad train straight as a sentence
and I too mountain high to read its noise
the tilt
of her head to undo
an earring -
fortresses crumble into
winter moonlight

  the stir of curtains on a clover scented evening ...

                       in my fingers
                       the feel of his logic -
                       Johann Sebastian Bach

these first cool nights
a neighbor burns apple wood ...
it's not so much memory
that comes wafting back,
as a trace of legend

autumn leaves and wrought iron fences
              the novel long deferred
              without meaning

death and distant thunder
the question
I dare not ask
a spring breeze fingers

his clothes to charity
unpacking the suitcases
of the vacation no longer awaited
the Valentine meant
for today



it may be
the shadow of
a hedge
or the dusk of
a tool shed
or the darkness
a party
but whatever else
it may be
it is always
touch and go
for lovers

I stick with the
the erotic jive
in her eyes
having run out
of propane
we go to bed early -
her warmth the length of me
this winter night

the usual sorrow at the usual hour
                      in the lustre
                  of the silver tray
                      the red rose
*********           *********            ********* 

Acknowledgments are due the editors of the following publications
where these poems, sometimes in different form, first appeared:

Hummingbird, magazine of the short poem
Lynx, journal for linking poets
still, a journal of short verse
Tanka Splendor, anthology