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2006 Tanka Calendar Competition

The sponsers (Winfred Press & Clinging Vine Press) 
of the Tanka Calendar Competion regret to inform 
our entrants that the competion has ceased with the 
2006 Calendar. We wish to thank all our entrants, 
artists, and others who made this project possible.

The 2005 Calendar
Winners & Illustrations 


Drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales
2005 Calendar Competition Winners
First Prize:  Art Stein

New Year's Day
the January beach
my collar turned up
against the salt fog

Second Prize:  Majorie Buettner

how is it
that I have fallen in love
with your loneliness
the moon this wintry midnight
mirrors the color of snow

Third Prize:  Pamela A. Babusci

hiding my emptiness
in this lacquer box
a friend calls
to say she's

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For examples of the tanka form, please visit: 
American Tanka
Tanka Society of America

The 2006 Calendar
Winners & Illustrations 

Ink Paintings by Ion Codrescu

2006 Calendar Competition Winners

First Prize:  Tom Clausen

high clouds . . .
one horse leans in
against another—
before our children
my wife and I were like that

Second Prize:  Jeanne Emrich

a snowy night— 
if my childhood home
were in a glass bubble
I'd give the glitter
a good swirl

Third Prize:  Max Ryan

sunset falls
as I hunch into my third beer
at the beach bar
on the juke box a woman sings
pease won't you hold me tonight