tangerine antho
an ongoing anthology of short verse deriving from the haiku and tanka tradition
Copyright 2002, 2003 by Winfred Press

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    crossing paths . . .

linked haiku by vincent tripi & Stanford M. Forrester
with picture taken from 
EXTension ENTOmology & UH-CTAHR Integrated Pest Management Program 

stink bug
what antennae, what colour,
what eyes!
                                                                               vincent tripi

   autumn wind —
only the stink bug
clinging to me
                                                                                            Stanford M. Forrester
© 2003 by vincent tripi
©  2003 by Stanford M. Forrester

ai li & Larry Kimmel

text © 2003 by ai li
art work © 2003 by Larry Kimmel

Liz fenn


     When I stopped to visit "an old guy" downtown, he immediately offered a mug of strong 
mid-morning coffee and maybe some toast. . .
     "Ya wantsumtoast wit th' coffee?"  he promptly asked, but not waiting for an answer, he
rambled on:  "It's th' crumbs meltin' in yer mouth that kin make yer day, ya know.  Let's see,
how old are you ennyways?"
     Thinking this a very odd question, I answered back, though, as requested.  I told him my
     "Nope,"  he said empahtically.  Only old folks an' little squirts benefit best from toast.  I
'spectfully decline th' offer.  Course, if ya keep t' comin' back t' visit. . .maybe inna coupla 
more years. . ."
     Automatically, I smiled and wide, and he smiled wider while pointing a forefinger directly
toward his kitchen window - and we saw -

                                                                                                                           the wild apple tree
                                                                                                                           begin to flower out
                                                                                                                           with clumps of new snow

© 2003 by Liz fenn

Haiga & Haiku
Sonia Cristina Coman

cherry tree in bloom 
the child tries
to count its flowers

                    © 2003 by Sonia Cristina Coman

Three Haiga
Angelee Deodhar & Larry Kimmel




text © 2003 by Larry Kimmel
art  © 2003 by Angelee Deodhar

Sonia Cristina Coman

                    © 2003 by Sonia Cristina Coman

window moon
sheila windsor

© 2003 by sheila windsor


full moon    half moon
one-line haiku sequence by Pamela A. Babusci

water essence of life    needing you

white calla lilies against the virgin wall across my breasts

windswept blossoms across our flesh    hurricane kisses

cool petals    warm skin

tides roll in    roll out    chasing you

your river runs down my canyon

full moon    half moon    tides of the heart

lily shadows remembering your words last night

daydreams    your face your hands    haunt me    consume me

© 2003 by Pamela A. Babusci

Trekking in the Himalayas with Roger Penrose
quilt & photograph by Mary Gillis