New release by Winfred Press - July 2007

Winfred Press Proudly Presents:

Blue Smoke
Sheila Windsor & Larry Kimmel
Illustrations by Sheila Windsor & Mark Windsor

   Accomplished haiku writers explore ways of linking images, 
moods and worlds in the related genre of Cherita.  
Their words are given visual illumination in dozens of ink drawings 
contributed by Sheila Windsor & Mark Windsor.
   "an adventurous symbiosis of voices" 

"breaking new ground for English-language poetry"
Werner Reichhold, Editor of LYNX

"referencing such greats as T.S. Eliot and Shakespeare as they skilfully go about breaking new ground as wordsmiths themselves"

"There is much humour in Blue Smoke as well as breathtaking loveliness"
Hortensia Anderson,
Haibun Editor of Moonset

"... unique.  Informed, rather than constrained, by precedent"
"a gavotte, an elliptical exploration of the nature of reality"

"Kimmel and Windsor treat us to a dialogue of perception"
John Carley, Renku poet and translator
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